The fear of Love

Hey little flower it’s me again..

I know love, I feel your fear

His beautifully made russet eyes

They make you feel lovely

I know what your going to say little flower

Your petals look different..

they’ve opened back up

How come he is able to hold that part of your love?

No little flower don’t you run

What is it? You said you know how this ends?

Why little flower.. why be in pain

Whenever there is a great love I’m trying to gain.

His soft gentle lips

The warmth of his hands

Hardworking and casual is all I need

He glows when he sees me and shines a typa light

Weather he sees it or not it shines through the night

There’s just something about him I can’t put together that makes my heart race and my tummy flutter

It’s you little flower, I know your scared but when I’m around him I feel you more then ever…