poetizer | poetry


I’ve fallen through myself

down and through this bed

through the quilted mattress 

and the wire framed mesh.

Laid briefly upon the carpet

then fell a little more

through the wooly fibres

to the ceiling below.

Down through the light fitting

down through the floor

through mossy damp foundations

wires, pipes and spores.

Sunk deep into the ground

past spiders, bugs and worms

then further from myself

sinking deep into the earth.

Through the sedimentary layers

and seas of molten rock

where I thought I’d boil to nothing

but still I didn’t stop.

Through lava, mud and oceans

out the other side

endless falling, drawing motion

down through the skies.

Through and past the clouds

sunk out and past the earth

so far from everyone

further still from myself.

Where thoughts of all I love

don’t make any difference

I just fell further still

only a dot out in the distance.

Past the stars and planets

all those that we have names for

and then to skies uncharted

still I didn’t stop.

Fallen for eternities

past the edges of all there is 

as I lay next to you

here in this bed.