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Walk With Me

Walk with me on this path 

This path of broken concrete and glass 

Glass so sharp your feet shall bleed 

Bleed from love of uncertainty

Walk with me into the cave 

The cave they say will make us brave 

Brave enough to lose ourself 

Ourself the one that gave us hell 

Walk with me in the dark 

The dark is where we fell apart 

Apart from mind and from our soul 

Our soul the darkness muffles so 

Walk with me into the light 

The light that makes us want to fight 

To fight for love and fight for life 

The life we judge and hate with strife 

Walk with me in this world 

This world that aches and suffers 

Suffers as we humans do 

Do what we believe is true 

Walk with me and hold my hand 

My hand I’ll hold onto as we stand 

Stand as one with pure love hearts 

Hearts the break and revive to start 

Walk with me and hold on tight 

Tight enough to last the night 

Night shall come and night shall go 

Go with me into the snow 

Walk with me within the stars 

The stars is where our love shall start 

Start to shine and start today

Today we start a brand new way