Freedom is different things to different peopleBeing who you are, live without oppressionFreedom is the absence of fearFreedom is love, doing what you loveIt is the freedom of expression, of thought, of action, all three at onceTo be able to think… to move without limitationIt is the power to create your own existence in this worldIt’s a utopia, it doesn’t really existBeing happy in your own skinWe chase after freedom all our lives, but freedom was lost the moment we were bornFreedom is letting go of everythingFreedom is there where the law diesIt is something we all have but not many really know itFreedom is timeDoing something without harming othersFreedom is a right, not a privilegeDo what you want, when you want, wherever you wantFreedom is totally unique to youRemember that you do have the right to choose freedom